Despite years of efforts, 70% of students continue to experience violence

Tirana, 16 September 2019 - Today about 450 thousand children, and adolescents start the new school year in pre-university education in the country. On the first day of school, the Albanian Coalition for Education –ACE brings to the attention of responsible institutions one of the main issues associated with children: violence and bullying in school.

No child goes to school to be violated! School-related violence in all its forms is an infringement of children’s and adolescents’ rights to education and to health and well-being!

According to various studies and figures, violence and bullying are widespread in all educational institutions in the country. The report of the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe, Dunja Mijatovic[1], points out that about 70% of students aged 8-11 experience physical violence, and 1 in 5 children are victims of bullying at school. According to the latest report of the Agency for Quality Assurance of the Pre-University Education, "Security Officer"[2] during March-July 2019 about 36% of students have been subjected to physical violence in schools. The environments where violence and bullying take place are the classrooms with 28% and the schoolyard with 25%.

These figures show once again how unfriendly and insecure are the schools for children and adolescents. The latest ACE and ALO 116 report "Safe to Learn," brings to reality the role of the psychologist in schools. The report shows that students lack information about the psychologist's role and function. In 55% of the cases school psychologists do not know the case management procedures and in about 70% of the schools, there is no adequate logistics to provide proper service and no schools have child protection protocols in place.

In front of this situation, ACE asks to the Ministry of Education, Sports, and Youth:

  • Preparation and approval of a National Plan for the Elimination of Violence and Bullying in School.
  • Revision of Law 69/2012 “On the Pre-University Education System”, the establishment of the “Committee for the Prevention of Violence and the Implementation of the Regulation in the Educational Institution, which verifies, reviews and takes measures in every case of violence in schools;
  • Strengthening the psychosocial service as well as the development of the child protection protocols and policies in each school.
  • MASR to make public the report on cases of violence reported by DRAV / ZAV

For more information contact: Linda Pino-National Coordinator, e-mail, phone no: 0672075330.


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