Criteria for Applicant Evaluation

Some of the criteria on which the Jury will evaluate the candidatures, unified with the Varkey Foundation evaluation criteria are:

  • Achieve demonstrable learning outcomes in the classroom. For example, by improving student grades, student tracking / behavior; helping students grow, display their potential, and so on;
  • Recognizing the achievements of a teacher in the classroom and beyond, by students, colleagues, school leaders, or community members and beyond. For example, through prizes given by relevant authorities, Teachers Recognition in the local / national press or who have written academic publications; Active membership in a non-governmental organization that promotes the advancement of children's rights;
  • Using innovative and effective teaching practices that are reproducible and affecting the quality of education. For example, using innovative technology or non-typical teaching techniques that can be used in other classes / schools;
  • Educating children to become global citizens by providing them with a value-based education, that provides them with life skills, makes them capable of work and prepares them for a world where they will meet people from different religious, cultural or national backgrounds.
  • Encouraging teachers to stay in the profession, developing their skills, and encouraging other teachers to join the teaching profession.


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