Ben Andoni

Mr. Ben Andoni, is a well-known journalist, who has written for various major newspapers in Albania, such as "Koha Jone", "Gazeta Shqiptare" and "Korrieri". He has been the Editor in Chief of the weekly magazine “ABC” and vice editor of the magazine "MAPO" and "Java". Currently, he is chief editor of the national cultural supplement "Milosao".                 

For many years he was the correspondent of Belgrade's BETA news agency, while now contributes to the ORF (Austrian Public Television). As a publicist, he writes for national periodicals in Kosovo. He is an activist and continues to provide his expertise in many civil society activities such as key speaker the II Conference "Protecting Children from Violence in Albania".

Ben Andoni translates from the Slavic languages of the former Yugoslavia and English. For his work in media he has been presented with different Awards in Albania.


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