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Albanian Coalition for Child Education, (ACCE) is a network of civil society organizations established in 2004 by Children’s Human Right Centre of Albania, Information and Research Centre for Children’s Rights in Albania; Albanian National Child Helpline- ALO 116 and since 2013 MEDPAK, Partnerë për Fëmijët, SHKEJ, Albanian Disability Right Foundation, La Casa nel Cuore, ADRA-Albania, Independent Teachers, Union,  Federata e Arsimit dhe Shkencës, Fëmijët Sot, Pink Embassy became part of the network with the main aim to advocate for children’s universal right to education.

Albanian Coalition for Child Education, is a member of Global  Campaign for Education and the organizer of the annual global activity Global Action Week, “Education for All”.


Our vision is that every child across the country despite her/ his abilities enjoys the universal right to quality, inclusive public education.


  • Advocate for the respect of children’s universal right to public education;
  • Guarantee free access to public compulsory education for every child in Albania;
  • Advocate for the provision of quality and inclusive education to every child across the country;
  • Guarantee that every girl child attends the secondary education;
  • Partner with teachers to improve quality and access of children in the education system.


  • The improvement of Albanian Pre-University legal standards;
  • The organization of awareness rising campaigns to communicate the importance of education;
  • The improvement of the quality of education, promotion of child friendly schools and improving  schools’ infrastructure;
  • To position early childhood education as a priority of country’s legislation and policies


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