Tirana, December 12, 2018 – Civil Society Organisations in Albania through this public statement express their support to the student's demand for the increase by 5% of GDP of the education budget in Albania.

Albania invests only 3.3% of GDP on education, far from international and regional standards. This low investment rate undermines the rights of children and young people for the provision of free, quality and inclusive public education for all.

In middle-income countries like Albania, a dollar invested in education generates more than $ 5 in additional gross earnings annually.

For years, the Albanian Coalition for Education and NGO-s have urged to the Albanian Government, Parliament and every political party to allocate 5% of GDP to the education.


  • Provision of inclusive and equitable quality free of charge education for all children and young people across Albania.
  • Increase investment in school infrastructure, in laboratories, classrooms, gyms and quality libraries.
  • Improves teaching quality by translating this into an increase in academic achievement comparable to European Union countries.

We express our conviction that the right of every person to free of charge, quality, and public education for all is a basic human right that must be respected. In this context, we invite the Albanian Parliament, the Government and all institutions, political parties and social partners to jointly do their utmost to respect and guarantee this right.

The NGO-s that approve this Public Statement


  1. Albanian Coalition for Education (ACE)
  2. Albanian National Youth Network (ANYN)
  3. Albanian National Child Rights Network “ACT for Children!”
  4. Human Rights House in Albania (HRH)
  5. Women’s Democracy Network in Albania


  1. Child Rights Centre in Albania (CRCA)
  2. National Child Help Line ALO 116
  3. Child & Youth Policy Hub Albania
  4. PINK Embassy in Albania
  5. Information and Research Centre for Child Rights in Albania
  6. Help the Life Association
  7. Albanian Law and Territorial Studies Institute (ALTRI)
  8. National Centre for Social Studies
  9. La casa nel Cuore
  10. Down Syndrome Albania
  11. Partnerë për Fëmijët
  12. Albanian Education Foundation
  13. World Vision Albania
  14. Albanian Helsinki Committee
  15. Albanian Disability Rights Foundation (ADRF)
  16. European Centre
  17. National Association Education for Life
  18. Save the Children Albania
  19. VATRA Centre, Vlorë
  20. Centre for Population and Development
  21. Useful to Albanian Women
  22. Action for Change and Transformation
  23. Rromano Kham 
  24. Terre des Hommes
  25. ARSIS, Social Organization for the Support of Youth 


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